Elektron Analog Rytm MKII

Oh boy does this one look like a treat.  The analog renaissance just keeps getting better and better with the Elektron Analog Rytm MK II we have another bad ass stand alone drum machine that does so much more.


Analog Plus Sampling

The Rytm MKII has a unique feature that lets you combine samples with drum sounds resulting in a rich, layered beat making process.  When you combine samples with an analog drum sound you can get for example a fat kick sound with a combined sample that extends in length past the kick drum but starts at the same beat which gives that sampled drum machine feel that started with the MPC in the 1980s, only that takes longer on the MPC to construct as you have to hit the two samples at the same time.

You can also decide to just play a sample you can do that as well.  Much of the time the analog drum synth will be enough as well, but to get to choose either and/or combine is a unique feature that will produce a very rich colorful sound design platform.


Parameter Control

MkII’s parameter control is really on a new level giving you digital control over analog circuits. With each track you get eight track level rotary data entry knobs which you can assign to parameters in a custom fashion.  You can lock these parameters at every step of the process as well.




Stand Alone Groove Making

A Machine this good could really be your central piece of equipment or a complete standalone beat making sound design studio, with audio outputs for each individual drum sound you can route any drum through any process of effects or processing that your studio ir life setup demand, but the effects and sound shaping ability of the MKII are quite good and you may just decide to use this drum machine as a stand alone workstation. Twelve tracks and eight voices combined with samples can really make a rich full sound, track, remix etc…




Analog Overdrive

There is nothing quite like that acid sound you get from a slightly distorted/overdriven analog bass/drum track, being able to apply jsut the right amount here is key to making a groove feel right, the MKII delivers and then some with analog overdrive.


Quick Performance

With the MKII’s quick performance mode you can control an individual performance macro without having to be in performance mode this can speed up the process of your sound design and beat making process.


Performance Mode

When set in performance mode the MKII’s 12 pads control several parameters at once, assign dimensions of your drum tracks to a single pad. Here you can set parameter locks which Elektron calls a “performance macro”.


Scene Mode 
With Scene mode each of your  twelve pads now become instant sound shifters , several parameters from any track can be changed by pressing a single pad.
Chromatic Mode
MKII has a “chromatic mode” feature that enables you to spice up the musical variaty of your beats, here you can control the timbre, tonality, and even the impact velocity of a sound depending on how the sound design process is setup.
MKII’s Drum Machines
The MKII has inndividual drum machines that can be assigned to the twelve tracks depending on the track..
  • D.1 ALL – no synth, sample only.
  • D.2 BASS DRUM – bass drum analog drum synth.
  • D.3 SNARE DRUM  – snare drum analog drum synth.
  • D.4 RIMSHOT  rimshot analog drum synth.
  • D.5 HAND CLAP  – hand clap analog drum synth.
  • D.6 BASS TOM  – low tom tom- analog drum synth.
  • D.7 LOW, MID, HIGH TOM  –  tom tom analog drum synth.
  • D.8 CLOSED HIHAT – closed hihat analog drum synth.
  • D.9 OPEN HIHAT  – Open Hi Hat analog drum synth.
  • D.10 CYMBAL  – Cymbal analog drum synth.
  • D.11 COWBELL – cowbell analog drum synth.


Live Recording Mode

In the live recording mode, one can record their individual notes, hits (called “trigs” in the Elektron nomenclature )  this is where the creativity gets going and you play out your beat the way it sounds in your head with micro timing quantization options available to set the groove and feel.



  • Sturdy  aluminum  casing keeps the gear safe for touring, playing remote festivals. that are often task for electronic music performers.
  • CV/ foot pedal, expression inputs allowing external control.
  • Dedicated performance function buttons.
  • Rugged backlit buttons
  • Clean looking OLED screen you can see clearly in almost any situation
  • High precision encoder knobs
  • Balanced and unbalanced audio inputs for sampling
  • Elektron Overbridge USB connectivity which provides a VST interface to your drum amchine
  • 1GB of audio/data storage which can store as many beats as you can program plus a truck load of samples.
  • 8 individual outputs for optional individual processing of each individual drum sound.
  • Play sounds as drum hits or chromatic like a keyboard.
  • Analog based distortion/overdrive
  • Analog based filters with multiple modes
  • Combine samples with Analog drum sounds for a wide, resonant sound.

Overbridge Connectivity

Elektron devices utilize a proprietary software interface called overbridge, this enables your drum machine to be connected and integrated with DAW (digital audio workstation) software such as Ableton live, or other software. Overbridge gives you the advantages of software and hardware at the same time since you can drill in with a computer screen to program your drum machine’s settings, then switch back to hardware when you wish to do so without being a slave to the computer screen.  The Overbridge software more or less puts a real analog drum machine inside of your computer with an external audio interface.

Overbridge advantages:

  • Full integration with DAW software like Ableton live, Cubase, Logic, Studio One, and other VST supporting music software
  • Control the MKII with dedicated software plugins
  • Stream multi channel audio over USB connections
  • Control computer audio with hardware processing
  • Remember your instrument parameters when loading into a DAW based project
  • Turns your MKII into a USB high quality sound interface
  • Use the analog compressor to process audio from outside the MKII