Elektron Digitakt

Elektron’s Digitakt is drum computing and sampling on a level all its own with all the sequencing ability you’ve come to expect from this world class brand in electronic music making.

8-voice Sampler and Drum Computing
The Digitakt sees itself more as a drum computer rather than a drum machine and/or sampler.  It of course does both sampling and and drum beat programming but what the Digitakt really does is operate as a drum computer giving you advanced programming that will give your sound a techy edge that your typical drum machine,even if it can sample sounds  simply will not have.  The Digitakt is a drum machine that is not just up to date but rather adrum amchine of the future.


MIDI sequencing
In addition to the eight audio tracks the Digitakt has eight midi sequencing tracks that can be used to control external midi gear, DAW software integration.  Once you have external gear under the control of the Digitakt you can then sample the audio into the audio tracks and use as either loops or one shot drum like triggered sounds that can give you sampled drum machine feel like an MPC were the phrase is played like a drum sound and overlays an existing beat.

Elektron Overbridge

Like other ELektron devices, The Elektron comes compatible with the Ekeltron Overbridge  software interface, probably one of the most advanced software connections available for hardware/software integration.  With Overbridge you can use the Digitakt as a high quality two input two output sound card/ interface, have complete control of using VST/AU plugin functionality in your DAW, Stream all of your audio tracks directly to your Computer based DAW (digital audio workstation) software in lossless 24 bit/48 khz sound quality.   Overbridge will also remember all f your settings when you call up a project and give you the ability to manage your samples.

Delay and Reverb sends

The audio inputs and outputs can be used to process external sounds and apply delay and reverb effects, just one more amazing feature that can make the Digitakt an indispensable part of your music creation process.    For example you could take another drum machine, that is being crontrolled by one of the eight midi tracks sequencing functionality that triggers a snare drum, and apply a reverb/delay style effect similar to reggae or dub style operation.

Trig Conditions

At the heart of Elektron’s super advanced sequencing process are a concept they call “Trig Conditions” this is where the sequencing is set apart from most drum machines and sequencers.  Using Trig Conditions you can control aspects of your beat making like micro timing settings that create extremely subtle but organic/real feel to the beats and grooves.


Live-Performance Friendly Sequencing

While there are many capable drum machines and computer based DAW beat making solutions out there, few are truly live performance friendly, the Digitakt is designed with live performance in mind.  Being able to tweak sequencing controls without having to use complex menus are a must when performing.  Live performance style sequencing will also enable your creative process as you get inspired by jamming out your parts while making music creations.  The encoder knobs and trigger buttons for the various tracks and note playing make for a live performance powerhouse.


Digitakt’s gives you one multi mode filter per track with control of resonance and frequency that can be sequenced in real time giving your sounds/beats a dynamic feel.  This also meas the sound design capability is enhanced by having unique filters on each of your eight audio tracks.  With a global filter you’re stuck deciding which sounds to send to the filter.   The eight individual filters give you control over the sound on each audio track.


Made For Heavy Duty Use

Once you get some great beats going you may end up getting on the road, in a plane, or train, or a hovercraft and using your Digitakt as part of your stadium filling act that makes you million dollars a night, ok that’s a little extreme but it’s ok to dream a little.  In all seriousness the construction on this drum machine is strong enough to handle heavy duty use which often means playing festivals in far off, rugged areas of the planet and travel conditions that can be a challenge to your music gear, having a strong case and construction keeps your drum machine safe from the rough and tough world of electronic music shows, parties, and festivals that can at times get dangerous for expensive music gear.

400+ Factory Samples

The Elektron Digitakt comes packed with four hundred plus professionally made factory sounds to get your beat making process started.   You get five acoustic drum kits,  twenty three electronic drum kits, forty two synth one shot sounds, forty four synth pads and stab hits, eighty three single cycle oscillators and noise loops for all the blips, bleeps, creeps, sweeps, blaps that round out a good beat.


Is the Digitakt for me?

The Digitakt is best suited for producers who want a solid, advanced sampling drum machine that can also act as the central hardware component of a computer based DAW or without any computer DAW setup.   The price tag is more mid ranged at around $750 making this at least an intermediate level of gear it can be absolutely used professionally due to it’s heavy feature set,  if you have an entry level machine this could be an upgrade, if you have more professional gear the Digitakt would give you another tool but would probably not unseat your other gear.