Korg ElecTribe Wave for Ipad

Korg ELECTRIBE Wave for Ipad
Korg ELECTRIBE Wave for Ipad
Korg ELECTRIBE Wave for Ipad

The first real software Electribe
Korg has made one of the biggest efforts of any musical instrument firm to create professional sounding apps for the ipad and iphone. Which include a remake of the MS 20 (iMS-20) all the way to stunning new virtual workstations like the Gadget which include a large number of virtual synthesizers, bass, drum modules with its central sequencer hub. There were even two previous attempts at the electribe. The iElectribe was one of the first high quality electronic music apps on the ipad back in 2010, it showed much promise but did not match the features and quality of the real Electribes being produced at the time. No with the Electribe Wave we have something different, something that may actually out perform the physical Electribe drum machines.

The layout and workflow of the Electribe wave is super intuitive allowing you to make you beats and synth lines quickly. Workflow process is broken up into the following segments.

With the Electribe wave you get eight synthesizer tracks and eight drum tracks for a total of sixteen tracks per pattern. Each track on the mixer has control over solo, mute, panning, level of course as well as multi effect send to the multiple effects processor, in addition to the above you also get a compressor over all the tracks to tighten your beats and make them sound professional. Even in the mixer mode you still access the keyboard below and select any sound or step in the pattern. Overall a basic mixer that allows for quick live performance access on the fly.

Korg Electribe Wave Mixer
Korg Electribe Wave Mixer

Sounds, its really all about the sounds, without them you don’t have much when it comes to music production, but not to worry, the sounds on the Electribe wave are beyond expectation, with a beautiful window to view waveform oscillators. This section gives you massive control over the following parameters for every sound in your beats.

  • Aggregators
  • Voice glide
  • polyphony
  • filter cutoff
  • peak eg init
  • Unison with detune to create strange effects
  • Ifx type and or bypass
  • Basic EQ (lo, hi)
  • Modulation (two modulators) synced to BPM or key with speed and depth control as well as shape

    So as you can see your options are plentiful for making full featured electronic music sounds in this section, the drum sounds have less control with time, pitch, level gate time and can be reversed. Each Drum track can have its own Ifx processor which ranges from short delay, bpm delay, mod delay, room reverb, hall reverb, gate reverb, compressor. The second drum processor effects are chorus, ensemble, flanger, phaser, tremolo, auto pan, and pump.

    Korg Electribe Wave Sound Screen
    Korg Electribe Wave Sound Screen

    In the sequence window you have control over up to 8 bars of 16 beats giving you pattern length of up to 128 steps per pattern for each of the drum and synth sounds the sequencer window gives you control over the velocity of every step with a roll feature, in addition to all of this control the Electribe wave also has a groove quantize feature that creates unique feels rather than a harsh step sequencer, this can be applied to each individual drum sound, for your synth sounds this window gives control over the gate, note, and velocity.

    The motion window is a new, in depth development, first of its kind of i’ve seen in ipad music applications for each step in your beat you have control over all of the following synth parameters:

  • PitchBend
  • Arp SW
  • Arp Type
  • Arp Speed
  • Arp Gate
  • Glide
  • Unison Detune
  • Unison Spread
  • Osc Position
  • Osc Pos EG unit
  • Osc Mod Edit
  • Osc Mod Depth
  • Filter Cutoff
  • Filter Peak
  • Filter EG Init
  • Amp Eg Type
  • EG Attack
  • EG Decay
  • EG Release
  • Amp Level
  • MG1 Level
  • MG1 Shape
  • MG1 Speed
  • MG1 Depth
  • MG2 Level
  • MG2 Shape
  • MG2 Speed
  • MG2 Depth
  • EQ lo
  • EQ hi
  • Ifx Edit1
  • Ifx Edit2
  • Ifx Type
    Korg Electribe Wave Motion Screen
    Korg Electribe Wave Motion Screen

    For the Drum sounds you get motion control over all of these parameters:

  • Reverse
  • Pitch
  • Amp EG Type
  • EG time
  • Level
  • IFX Type
  • IFX Edit 1
  • IFX Edit 2
  • Channel level
  • Channel Pan
  • Channel MFX

    Each of the above parameters has a slider controlled motion value on every step of your sequence!

    Utility can be seen as a master window of your sequencer, here you can copy, paste delete, edit your sequence with a view of all 8 bars and 128 steps, you can also move and transpose the sequencer data to create a more unique sequence, very very useful in composing the overall sequence.

    Korg Electribe Wave Utility Screen
    Korg Electribe Wave Utility Screen

    Would it really be a Korg product without a Kaoss pad? The electribe wave delivers with a x/y intuitive Kaoss pad that gives you the ability to warp your pitch/time as well as assigned ifx or Mfx parameters of every sound and globally across the sequence.

    Chord Pad
    Chord pad is a unique feature to the Electribe wave that allows for playing chords by pressing individual pads that correspond to the notes already in your sequence, this overcomes the limitations of the ipad screen keyboard which would otherwise be difficult to accomplish with average sized fingers on a 9 inch ipad screen. Korg really put thought into it.

    Pattern/Song Mode
    Your patterns can be strung together to create a full composition/song. Your track can really start and finish inside of the Electribe Wave

    Other Features
    The korg Electribe Wave has a multitude of other features that help work into your studio workflow.

  • Bluetooth Midi – connects with various midi controllers such as MicroKey, nanoKey, nano Kontrol Studio.
  • Ableton Link – links to professional audio sound design production software.
  • Export/Bounce to itunes file sharing, AudioCopy, Or Ableton live project.