Korg Volca Kick Analog Bass/Kick Drum

The Korg Volca series offers several different machines that can be interconnected creating a complex setup for electronic music creation.

Korg Volca Beats Analog Bass

Motion Sequencer
This korg volca like others in the series can record your knob tweaking and parameter changes during your sequence creation. Motion sequencing is usually a feature that can only be found in expensive, top of the line drum machines. Being able to record the tweaks, sweeps, blips in real time and the sequencer records the actions gives a dynamic feel to your beat and groove creation.

Korg Sync I/O
All of the Korg Volca series drum/bass/synthesizer machines offer the ability to sync with each other using Korg’s I/O which works by connecting the machines together using a 1/8 headphone plug jack that is fairly ubiquitous. You can find the headphone cord in most stores as they are sold for connecting an i phone or smart phone to a car stereo for instance. If you decide to buy more than one Korg volca device, you’ll be able to set them up together as one device in a sense, the syncing keeps you from having to start the machines on the same beat with your fingers which would almost certainly be slightly off time. In the past, complicated midi syncing was the only way to accomplish this if the machines had that ability at all, this is a great feature for the Korg Volca enthusiast.

Touch FX sequencer
The touch effect based sequencing is similar to more advanced drum machines that cost two to three times higher and are far more complicated to use. Once you get a pattern going, you can use the touch based effects to generate stuttering effects, pattern breaks that make for a complex, dynamic sound that you hear on some of you’re favorite electronic music tracks. Not only is this an advanced feature, but it is also easy to use on the Korg volca, it is accessible and intuitive so you won’t spend hours trying to figure out how to use these advanced features.


Battery Powered/ Portable
Another strong pro of the Korg Volca is the ability to take it on the go, to the park, to the mall, to a hangout of any kind, friend’s house, to the woods, the possibilities are endless. You need six AA batteries which is a little steep but the Volca is designed to work for hours and hours on the AA batteries. You also get an onboard speaker that gives you the ability to make a little beat foundation and not even need a pair of headphones, maybe jam with a friend in an impromptu getup. Use your imagination and the Korg Volca will play along with it.

MS-20 Resonator
The classic MS-20 resonator is also part of the package with the Korg Volca kick drum/bass machine. The MS-20 has been used in may other Korg devices and is widely known for being a power filter that can give you subtle sounds as well as extreme sweeping. With the Volca you get three controls over the MS-20 filter, Pitch/Octave controls the pitch of the filter frequency, bend controls the wideness of the filter sweep, and time controls the movement of the filter tones. You can accomplish a lot with this filter in terms of sound design, it’s amazing that we’re discussing sound design with a sub $200 drum machine but being minimal in this case allows the Korg Volca bass to do this since it is focused on the Kick drum /Bass aspects of your beat making.

Analog Sound
In a world of constant digital control over ever facet of your life, going back to analog is a breath of fresh air the analog sound is pleasing to the ear and evokes a feeling of the 1970s-1980s no matter your age which is an era of rich music creation and creativity, being able to bring that sound into you modern setup is a major enhancement in a world of constant harsh digital sound, computer controlled everything and not much real life sounding music. The Volca will breath life into your kick drum and bass lines, especially if you like dub heavy reggae types of sounds but also goes far beyond that in to the classic acid house sound, many others, there will no doubt be future genres of music that will be using the analog kick and bass line sound for generations to come.


  • Accent Encoder Knob
  • Tempo Encoder Knob
  • Resonator Octave Knob
  • Resonator Bend Encoder Knob
  • Resonator Time Encoder Knob
  • Drive Encoder Knob
  • Tone Encoder Knob
  • Midi DIN for Midi input signals
  • Runs on 6 AA batteries
  • On Board Speaker



Is This drum machine for me?
IF this drum machine is all you can afford, no it probably is not unless you already have a computer or other setup and want to spice up the kick drums and bass lines, if that is your goal the volca is most certainly for you. It is also a great addition to a multi volca setup, that is sort of the concept of the volca series, doing a mix and match of different devices and syncing them via the I/O syncing feature. It’s a fun inexpensive yet surprisingly powerful device.