Pioneer DJ DJS-1000 DJ Sampler

Remixing and Sequencing Live in Real Time

Everyone wants to be able to remix live and improvise a performance in real time using sampling and mixing.  In reality this is not an easy thing to do at all, many DJs or producers are challenged with live performances being real performances, if you do a search on you tube you can catch some high profile acts simply pressing play on a computer and being caught when the computer ends up in sleep mode, etc…  But the Poineer DJS-1000 gives you the tools to actually perform, sample and remix live in real time once you get to know it.  The DJS-1000 gives you tools for syncing the audio live in real time with looping to your mix.


Pioneer DJS 1000 Sampler/ Remixing Drum Machine


16-track Step Sequencer

A 16 track sequencer can more or less produce tracks by itself, you don’t really need to include this into an advanced DJ setup, as you probably know even 8 tracks can pull off a complete sequence, with 16 individual tracks you have more than enough to create a complete composition or remix of a track. One can assign samples and loops to these tracks then trifger them in real time using the performance pads.  Each pattern can have 64 steps and each project can have up to 16 patterns.



The DJS-1000 is at it’s core a high performance sampling machine that can automatically stretch or compress a loop to fit the bpm of your remixing project.   The beat matching that the DJS-1000 does is automatic so you don’t have to stop and edit a sample most of the time. Any loop or ample can be assigned to any of your 16 performance pads as well as the touch strip for more adaptable playing of the sample.


Multicolor Performance Pads

You get 16 multi color performance pads that trigger tracks which have assigned samples and loops to them.  The pads are highly sensitive to velocity as well which creates a great platform for “feel” to your beats and compositions.  The multi coloring helps with the intuitive interaction of playing the different pads as you seem them in a more organized way.


Fits Into Your DJ Booth, Setup

With your DJ setup in mind you can put the DJS-1000 right into most DJ setups and it integrates as if it were another CD player in terms of form factor, power and audio cords.  You don’t need a DJ setup to use this machine, but it is nice to know that if you have a DJ setup or plan to build and or upgrade into a full blown DJ setup there won’t be problems for this drum machine to fit right in with everything else

2,500 Included Samples

Having to build all of your sample projects from scratch can be difficult and time consuming this is why the good people at Pioneer have included over 2,500 included samples and loops from Loopmasters (a high quality sample selling outfit) to form a back bone to your sampling and remixing projects. Of course this is intended to match the current electronic music styles of the time and may become dated in the years to come, but many samples such as kick drums, snare drums, hi hats are more or less timeless and it’s nice to have this sort of collection right out of the box to get a project started without having to build everything from scratch (no pun intended).


Touch Strip

One really cool feature of the DJS-1000 is the on board touch strip that can do pitch bends, modify loops, manipulate drum rolls, and many other sample/ loop manipulations in real time.  This means you can get creative, have fun, and do real live performances with your samples that will make you stand out over many of the other DJs and electronic dance music performers out there who all too often are simply playing tracks rather than performing in real time.




You get a pretty standard, useful set of effects that are geared to the DJ, remixer of electronic music and some parameters can be adjusted in real time.

  • HPF (High Pass Filter, useful for remixing)
  • LPF (Low Pass Filter, useful for remixing)
  • DUB ECHO (Dub, reggae style slow moving echo)
  • PITCH ECHO (pitch changing echo, creating spacey effects)
  • PITCH (pitch change, great for remixing)
  • LOFI (get a low fi, bit reduced effects, makes it sound crunchy)
  • REVERB (reverb, creates space)
  • PLATE REVERB (plate studio style reverb)

7 inch LCD Touch Screen

The on board 7 inch LCD touch screen is a somewhat unique development in even the latest samplers and drum machines, from this screen you can see the relevant information from your 16 tracks, bpm info, scene, sample type, and pattern info, your project name etc.. Of course since it is a touch screen you can also interact and program parameters, change  things from the screen itself just as you would with most modern phones, computers, and tablets.

Midi Implementation

Midi implementation can be achieved via the standard midi din input and outputs on the back of the drum machine as well as via USB connection to computers, this gives you the flexibility of working vintage gear or the most modern computer setups.  The types of info you can integrate spans from notes to control changes, pitch bending, as well as mode messages between your sequencing software and the DJS-1000.  In addition to standard midi syncing the DJS-1000 can also sync with the CDJ-2000NXS2 or XDJ-1000MK2 DJ players  Via PRO DJ LINK which analyzes the tracks for BPM information and creates a profile that then can be used to control the speed, beat position and pitch etc…via the touch strip.


 DJS-TSP Project Creator

The DJS-1000 is compatible with software provided by pioneer for programming and editing the parameters of the sampler, project and scene files via your computer setup creating SCENE 3 files.  The DJS-TSP Project Creator 2 software is available for both Mac and Windows users.


TORAIZ SP-16 Project File Compatiblity

The TORAIZ SP-16 is another sampling workstation created by pioneer which has some similar features to the DJS-1000, you can import projects created on a Toraiz SP 16 to the DJS and take them then work on them from this sampler giving you flexibility or compatibility with other artists that might have the Toraiz but not the DJS.

Is the DJS-1000 For Me?

If your goal is to produce remixes and have live performance oriented setup the DJS-1000 is well worth looking at. It is geared with the remixer/DJ type of performer in mind rather than the hard core music producer sound designer who needs to be able to tweak five hundred different synth parameters and apply ten layers of effects to a single snare sound.  The DJS assumes you have the basic sound you want already sampled like in the case of a remixing artist and want it to sync with the overall mix,  and apply effects that make the beat or mix interesting.